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Smart Contracts Audits

Immutability is the essence of the smart contract and changing is time and money consuming.  Smart Contracts are developed  by Humans and prone for errors. Every smart contract needs an audit in order to prevent issues like data loss, breaches and thefts and ensures that the system is build up using industry standards with optimized code leading reduced operation cost, increased efficiency and Avoids Unexpected Revenue Losses.

A Smart Contract audit is the process investigating carefully a piece of code, in this case a Solidity contract to find bugs, vulnerabilities and risks before the code is deployed and used in the main Ethereum’s network where it won’t be modifiable. It’s just for discussion purposes.

Note that an audit isn’t a legal document that verifies that the code is secure. Nobody can 100% assure that the code won’t have future bugs or vulnerabilities. It’s a guarantee that your code has been revised by an expert and it’s secure.

To discuss possible improvements and mostly to find bugs and vulnerabilities that could risk people’s ether.

Our Services includes :

Automated Auditing

Manual Multiple Reviews

An Extensive Checklist

Grading System